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Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts

Product features:

  • Suitable for conveying hot material like powder or clump materials at high temperature.

  • Ideal for conveying sintered ores, cokes, soda ash, chemical fertilizer, slag and foundry.

  • It can resist high temperature.

  • The rubber compound used in the cover have been designed to avoid premature aging due to contact with any source of heat.

  • Heat resistant conveyor belt can be divided into three types according to working temperature range: HRT-1 =100°C, HRT-2=125°C, HRT-3=150°C.

Physical property indexes

High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belts:

  • The belt carcass of this product is EP fabric of high modulus, low shrink, and high breaking tensile strength.

  • Cover rubber of this product uses EPDM rubber or chlorobutadiene rubber that has very good high temperature resistance.

  • The belt is made with extra care after mixing rubber with high temperature resistant materials, assembling and vulcanizing.

  • The belt can bear 250°C even 500°C high temperature for a short time.

  • It is suitable for use in cement, metallurgical and steel industry.