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Light Duty PVC belt

I. Description:

  • Light duty conveyor belt have a wide range, to suit almost all the Industries under roof.

  • Our light duty industrial conveyor belts are manufactured with various base fabrics like polyester, nylon, cotton, etc., and surface coating with PVC/PU/PE/TPE, etc.

  • These belts are available in White, Green, Black or any other color according to specific requirement, up to 3000 mm wide.


II. Code and Abbreviations:

Type of material:

  C    PVC    

  U    PU (polyurethane)    

  E    PE (polyethylene)    

  T    TPE polyethylene (Hytrel®)    

  S    Silicon    

  P    polyamide    

Type of fabric:

  0    Polyester spun,    strong structure    

  1    Polyester multifilament    

  2    Polyester monofilament, with lateral    stability, strong structure    

  3    Polyester / Cotton    

  4    Polyester spun    

  5    Polyester monofilament, with lateral stability    

  6    Cotton    

  7    Polyester multifilament, heavy construction, with    lateral stability    

  8    Polyester multifilament, heavy construction    

  M    Felt    

Code of color:

  T    natural/transparent    

  G    green    

  W    white    

  B    black    

  GR    grey    

  R    red    

  BR    brown    

  P    petrol    

  BL    blue    

  O    orange    

Special characteristics (material):

  O    Oil resistant    

  F    flame resistant    

  C    Conductive(105Ω )    

Special characteristics (fabric):

  A    Anti-static carbon    fiber    

  D    Low noise fabric    

  I    Impregnated fabric    

  G    Extra rigid fabric(Latitudinal thicker)    

  L    Low shrink rate fabric(Longitudinal stronger)    

III. Surface Patterns:

IV. Application:

Logistics and Airports:

We supply a wide range of Light Duty Conveyor Belts suitable for the logistics sector and airports. They are low noise, low elongation,abrasion resistant and easy to install. They are widely used in super market, warehouse, postal package, distribution centre, airport check-in area, security check etc.

The normal types are as follows:

Food Industry:

Light Duty Conveyor Belts for food industry are excellent resistant to oil and fat, non-toxic, healthy and easy to clean. The type of belts conforms with FDA, USDA and EU regulations, can be used in many applications in the following industries: bakery, confectionary, meat and poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy, agriculture etc.

The normal types are as follows:

Tobacco Industry:

Light Duty Conveyor Belts for tobacco industry are chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, have good performance at both high and low temperatures. The type of belts conforms with FDA, USDA and EU regulations, widely used in tobacco industry, from the tobacco harvest to the finished cigarette, and fulfill the tobacco industries regulations for pyrolysis.

The normal types are as follows:

Other Industry:

We also supply Light Duty Conveyor Belt for other application, such as wood, marble and stone, textile, sports, automobile and tyre and so on.

The normal types are as follows:

V. Joint Methods:

Z splice(finger joining)

This type is the most common method.

Over lap joint

This method is used mainly at marble conveyor belt, especially multi-plies belt types.

Fastener Method

Hook fastener and clamp fastener are available for this joint method.